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Making Journals

An craft that I have become interested in more and more over the past few weeks is that of making your own journals.  I love to journal.  I have many different kinds and find that with my memory being vague as it is they are invaluable to preserving information and thoughts.  Some of the journals I keep include: dreams, thought, inspiration, recipe and family history.  The thought of being able to apply my own creativeness to the actual journal itself makes me want to get started right now!  I've scoured the web to find a range of journal making techniques and tutorials to help create that extra special journal.

Here are some photos on fan books.  There is no explaination to the tutorial but the idea is easy enough to pick up.  These books are small and so perhaps would be best suited to a short event such as a wedding or a holiday.

A similar series of photos about tag books.  Again a bit of imagination is needed on how to make these up but it shouldn't be too difficult.

This is an interesting use of old cd's to make a pretty little booklet to store one memory.

Here's a page of tutorials on how to make different kinds of books.

This is the best journal making tutorial I could find.  It took me forever to find one that had good pictures and looked simple enough.  Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Altered journaling is the art of taking a regular journal and adding to it to make it your own.  I have yet to find a tutorial on this but I founf a picture that explains it reasonably enough.  Here.

If you journal at the moment of you want to journal in the future but aren't sure where to start or even if you are interested in making journals, come and join in the discussion here at our group.  We are also working on collaborative journalling projects where journals are released into the wild to collect other peoples thoughts before they return home.
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